Just how far does the reach of impact investing extend? That was the question we sought to answer when PEI teamed up with illustrator Lee Playle at the Global Impact Investing Network Investor Forum to create an illustrated A-Z based on the suggestions of the conference delegates.

A-Z of Impact Investing: Introduction

So what exactly does impact investing stand for?

A-Z of Impact Investing: Six trends shaping the sector

From agriculture to zero waste, our A-Z demonstrates how impact investing is becoming an essential element of many ESG strategies.

A-Z of Impact Investing: A-E

In the first part of our A-Z, we examine agri-investing, blockchain, clean technology, diversity and education.

A-Z of Impact Investing: F-J

The second part of our A-Z looks at financial return, global vision, healthcare, inclusive finance and job creation.

A-Z of Impact Investing: K-M

The third part of our A-Z looks at kids and the future generation, low-cost housing and metrics.

A-Z of Impact Investing: N-Q

In the fourth part of our A-Z we look at nutrition, oceans and clean water, public-private partnerships and quality outcomes.

A-Z of Impact Investing: R-U

The fifth part of our A-Z looks at renovation, scale, the ticking clock of global warming and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A-Z of Impact Investing: V-Z

The sixth and final part of our A-Z looks at vulnerable communities, women's empowerment, X-ray vision, younger generations and the move towards zero waste.

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