Allianz leads $8m financing for Round1

Allianz Capital Partners, Round1’s chief executive and some private individuals have invested in this second round of financing.

Round1, a financial services company that provides infrastructure and services to the private capital markets, has secured $8m in its second round of private equity financing.

The lead investor in the second round of funding is Allianz Capital Partners (ACP), the private equity arm of Allianz AG. Additional investors include Round1 co-founder and chairman Jamie Cohan, and additional individuals.

Founded in August 1999, Round1 describes itself as a financial services company that provides infrastructure and services to enable greater efficiency within the private capital marketplace. The company has developed a web-based, regulatory-compliant system that is intended to standardise investment workflow processes associated with investing in private capital, such as direct venture investing and private equity fund investing.

Thomas U.W. Pütter, CEO of Allianz Capital Parners joins the Round1 board of directors. He commented: “The company brings together a unique combination of financial services, regulated broker-dealer services, and internet technology to automate the workflow surrounding the private capital fundraising process.” From 1992-1998 Putter served as executive director for London-based Goldman Sachs International.

Round1 will use the cash raised to continue executing on its business model and plans.

It has now raised a total of $11 million in two rounds of funding. The company completed its first round of financing in late 1999. The lead investor in the first round was Nomura Holding America Inc.