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Ancala in UK’s first large-scale solar-storage deployment

The mid-market manager has deployed batteries on 10 of its installed solar parks in tandem with developer and previous partner Anesco.

UK-based fund manager Ancala Partners has completed the UK’s first large-scale deployment of battery storage alongside utility-scale solar plants.

A battery portfolio capable of storing 12MWh of electricity has been co-located with 10 operating solar projects owned by Ancala and will also provide frequency response services to the National Grid.

Ancala’s investment has been made through developer Anesco, which has recently combined its solar development experience with energy storage expertise. Ancala’s 97MW solar portfolio spread across 21 sites was acquired from Anesco as part of its £400 million ($512.8 million; €472.4 million) UK Mid-Market Infrastructure Platform.

Anesco says it has a storage pipeline of about 100MW in addition to the 185MW it plans to enter into the UK’s Capacity Market auction in August.

The investment is the first portfolio-scale co-location of battery storage with solar plants in the UK, although Camborne Capital’s energy storage division last year installed a Tesla Powerpack alongside a 500kW solar project it owns in the south of England. The listed NextEnergy Solar Fund revealed in November that it was “exploring the feasibility” of adding battery storage to some of its 439MW-strong portfolio, although the fund has made no such commitments to date.

Ancala declined to state the size of the investment.