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Best Practice in Infrastructure Asset Management

Best Practice in Infrastructure Asset Management new


Publication date:
01 December 2010
No. of pages:

Edited by Jeffrey Altman of Finadvice AG, Best Practice in Infrastructure Asset Management covers the fundamentals of infrastructure asset management, providing an essential overview of effectively managing an asset to create ongoing value for all stakeholders.

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Creating and maintaining value for all stakeholders

Understanding what constitutes best practice in managing infrastructure assets is at the forefront of today’s infrastructure investments around the world. The success or failure of an investment in infrastructure often relies on an investor's ability to manage the dynamics between owners, operators and regulators.

It is now widely acknowledged that one of the value propositions to the infrastructure asset class includes creating value through operational performance and stakeholder management rather than just relying on highly geared financial structures.

Best Practice in Infrastructure Asset Management
offers multiple perspectives and practical advice in a series of insightful chapters presented by leading experts in asset management and change management; and at limited partnerships, multi-managers, insurance, banking & finance, legal and ESG institutions.

Value-creation case studies

This unique publication presents a series of in-depth case studies that reveal how owners have adopted best practice asset management in a broad range of industries from airports to renewables to utilities. They reveal how they have created financial and non-financial value by adopting the best practices that are shaping the infrastructure asset class in the 21st century.
Mercator International on Port of Salalah:

‘When it comes to productivity, transshipment hubs must be top of the class. Port of Salalah indeed meets this criteria, regularly producing more than 200 container vessel moves per hour where ports in Europe and the US are struggling to reach even 100.’


This title covers the fundamentals of infrastructure asset management including:

  • How asset managers deliver operational efficiencies and create value
  • Communicating effectively and efficiently with all stakeholders
  • Change management brings efficiencies
  • Limited partners' as well as fund of funds managers' requirements for asset management
  • The importance of pension plans and insurance
  • Identifying and managing risks with constant vigilance and legal issues
  • Best practice requirements and principles shaping ESG and investing

Who is this publication for?

Best Practice in Infrastructure Asset Management is essential reading if you invest in the infrastructure asset class. Bankers, financiers, lawyers, insurers, investor advisers, environmental managers, industry sponsors, governments and regulators should read this guide to understand how they can fully participate in the future of infrastructure.

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