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        Exuberance doesn't just hit returns – it hits regulation too
        15 August 2017

        UK water illustrates how intense competition can threaten to destroy the conditions that attracted investors to a sector in the first place.

        How to double up on fund finance
        10 August 2017

        Bridging facilities are now being used not just for more efficient deal execution, but also to get proceeds into the hands of LPs quicker.

        How competition is affecting the market
        04 August 2017

        Soaring demand for infrastructure, together with a limited supply of assets, has led to high prices and yield compression. Maven Libera director Megan Raynal explains how investors are reacting.

        Flashback to the future
        02 August 2017

        In his last column as our web editor, Matthieu Favas imagines 20 more years in the role, how the sector will change and what new assets will be classed as infrastructure

        ‘Strategy drift’ at the lower end of the spectrum
        27 July 2017

        Some LPs are concerned about managers traditionally active in the PPP/PFI space branching out into other areas of core infrastructure and renewables.

        There’s only one ‘right’ decision on climate change
        01 June 2017

        Investors should not plough their money into stranded assets that will openly endanger the rest of their portfolios, regardless of whether President Trump pulls the US out of the Paris agreement today.

        EISER’s win is a cautionary tale against retroactive action
        11 May 2017

        EISER’s landmark international arbitration victory over the Spanish government’s retroactive subsidy cuts could pave the way for investors to at least break even on their ill-fated renewables investments.

        Why infra can be a powerful impact investment
        04 May 2017

        The renewables explosion is a prime example of an impactful infrastructure investment that had almost nothing to do with traditional impact investors.

        Japanese LPs: A game changer for infra?
        27 April 2017

        As the world’s largest pension fund takes its first steps towards infrastructure, participants at our Tokyo Summit suggest the country’s LPs look set to follow suit.

        Money for nothing
        13 April 2017

        The use of credit facilities to delay capital calls is now widespread in private equity. What is at risk? And what can infrastructure learn from it?