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Chart of the Week: Infrastructure fundraising by Region 2010-2014

Capital raised for global and North America continue to grow steadily.


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Over the past year, a total of $48.3 billion was secured by unlisted infrastructure fund managers. It represents a four percent increase from $46.4 billion raised in 2013. While the capital raised in 2014 is a record hitting number, capital raised for global and North America continue to grow steadily, accounting for 46 percent and 34 percent of total capital raised respectively, and we can see the recovery of Europe focused funds, which attracts $8.4 billion – the highest amount after 2010.


Three out of the top 10 biggest fund closed in 2014 are global funds. They are the $12.6 billion Global Strategic Investment Alliance (GSIA), $2.5 billion First Reserve Energy Infrastructure Fund II and $1.3 billion Partners Group Global Infrastructure 2012. Five of them are North America focused funds and the rest are Europe focused funds.