Chart of the Week: Infrastructure fundraising in 2014

11 unlisted infrastructure funds held final closes, raising $6 billion globally in Q4 2014.


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Aggregate capital raised in 2014 outperforms the amount raised in 2013 by 4 percent. Data from Infrastructure Investor Research & Analytics reveals that the capital raised in 2014 totaled $48.3 billion while in 2013 totaled $46.4 billion. 11 unlisted infrastructure funds held final closes raising $6 billion in Q4 2014, while in Q4 2013, 22 funds were closed bringing $18.3 billion. Q4 weak fundraising performance is compensated by Q3 strong performance where over 44 percent of 2014 capital was raised.

The largest fund closed in 2014 was Global Strategic Investment Alliance (GSIA), which closed at $12.6 billion in Q3. It contributed more than half of the total capital raised in Q3 and 26 percent of the capital raised in 2014. Several largest closed funds were oversubscribed, including Energy Capital Partners III which closed on about $5 billion suppressing its $3.5 billion target, and Macquarie Infrastructure Partners III which closed at $3 billion exceeding its $2.5 billion target.