Chart of the Week: More Funds on Target (DELETED)

80 percent of the funds closed were either able to meet or exceed their targets.

55 unlisted infrastructure funds with disclosed targets and closed sizes held final closed in 2013, raising a total amount of $44.7 billion. 14 funds exceeding their targets and 30 funds meeting their targets represents the highest proportion in the last six years. 80 percent of the funds either achieved or surpassed their targets, while 20 percent closed below their target sizes. The impressive headline indicates that fund managers are successfully attracting investor capital and the trend continues in Q1 2014

In Q1 2014, 4 out of 8 funds closed above their targets. The largest fund closing was the $2.08 billion LS Power Equity Partners III which surpassed its $1.5 billion target. Following is KKR Energy Income & Growth Fund which collected $2 billion exceeding its $1.5 billion target. 

Note: Only funds that published a target and a closed size are included in the data.