Hire to boost Booz Allen ‘intellectual capital’

The consultant and government contractor had been pursing KPMG infrastructure expert Ed Crooks ‘for a while’. His appointment will help Booz Allen Hamilton strengthen its reputation for thought-leadership.

Public consulting firm and noted government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton has lured a long-serving KPMG executive with a reputation for thought-leadership in infrastructure.

“We’ve been after Ed for a while,” said Booz Allen executive vice president Mark Gerencser, commenting on his hiring of erstwhile KPMG managing director Edwin “Ed” Crooks.

Gerencser told Infrastructure Investor that Crooks, who had been working for KPMG Corporate Finance in its global infrastructure group, will hold the title of vice president at Booz Allen and work in what Gerencser dubbed its “Infrastructure Centre of Excellence,” a programme Gerencser said he initiated in 2010 for the purpose of producing “thought literature” on infrastructure.

Gerencser cited the early 2012 Centre of Excellence composition, “Re-Imagining US Infrastructure,” which he claimed is comparable to the kind of work Crooks is capable of creating.

“Ed’s ideal for that,” Gerencser enthused. “We hired him for intellectual capital”.

“Re-Imagining US Infrastructure” is a widely-circulated white paper that was praised by the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE), and repurposed at the third annual North America Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C., in October.

Within the Booz Allen infrastructure business, Gerencser said the addition of Crooks rounded out a management team that included executive vice president Jimmy Henry and senior vice president Peter Trick. Gerencser said the Booz Allen infrastructure program is “evolving” and could hire staff in the future.

Crooks, who has a civil and project engineering background, joined KPMG in 2007.