Infrastructure Investor: Digital Infrastructure Report, 2020

Alongside transport and energy, digital infrastructure is now the third infrastructure vertical and a key part of LPs’ portfolios and GPs’ strategies.

That’s unsurprising, given the sector’s tremendous growth and how tightly its woven into the fabric of modern life. Of course, there’s much more to come. Intel predicts autonomous vehicles, for example, will require four terabytes of data per hour, versus 650 megabytes consumed in the same time period by the average person. That – alongside smart cities and smart devices – will help spur the deployment of 5G, the only wireless technology fast enough to allow for all of those smart devices. As the Internet of Things takes centre stage, Ericsson predicts a market surpassing $1.2 trillion over the next decade, with more than 150 million 5G connected devices in less than 12 months.

That’s just one example – exponential growth is also expected in both fibre deployment and data storage, driven by the same insatiable hunger for data consumption.

With that in mind, our annual Digital Infrastructure report will delve into the sector’s three pillars – wireless communication, fibre optic and data storage – to bring you up to date with the latest trends in each of them.

The report will be published on 1st May, and the commitment deadline for firms wishing to run sponsored editorial within the report will be 20th March.

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