Infrastructure Investor: Energy Transition Report, 2020

The energy transition is moving forward at full power, and as we sit on the doorstep of a new decade it is clear that the pace will continue to accelerate, regardless of political hurdles that may stand in the way. In fact, the maturation of the green and clean energy sector has reached a point where government support is no longer needed to prop up projects, which are increasingly taking on merchant risk.

Our annual Energy Transition Report will provide a timely platform for firms in the space to discuss the most important topics – for example:

  • Renewable Asia: Solar, onshore wind, and increasingly, offshore wind are growing in popularity in jurisdictions including Taiwan and Japan.
  • Merchant Renewables: Government tariffs, once at the heart of most renewable financings, are becoming less common.
  • The Rise of Counterparty Risk: The PG&E bankruptcy in 2019, among other developments, gave rise to a new trend of counterparty risk in corporate PPAs.
  • Battery Ramp: While the majority of infrastructure financing for energy storage currently comes in the form of equity, it is attracting attention as a debt play, with several business models (co-location w/renewables, standalone to help levelise peaks, etc.) gaining traction.
  • The Inefficiencies of Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency continues to face challenges attracting interest due to the difficulties with scaling and small ticket sizes.
  • Getting Smart: An update on smart grids.
  • The Electric Economy: Including, for example, EVs need charging points, but is that an infra play?
  • The Technology Risk of Transition: Projects like the $1 billion Crescent Dunes highlight the dangers of investing too deeply into any one technology in the rapidly changing green energy space.

The report will be published on 1st April, and the commitment deadline for firms wishing to run sponsored editorial within the report will be 21st February.

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