Infrastructure Investor: InfraTech Report 2020

Published: 1st July

Infrastructure Investor: InfraTech Report 2020 – Synopsis

For many businesses, getting comfortable with technology, data and digitisation has been a painful journey. But they are here to stay and will continue to act as disruptive forces in the world we inhabit. This is the new reality for the infrastructure sector too. Indeed, real assets like infrastructure are, perhaps more than other sectors, impacted by the transformative effects of rapid technological innovations – think battery storage, drones, driverless vehicles, the internet of things, and smart cities.

Yet asset owners and managers are often critiqued for being slow to capitalise and support the development of such innovations. But this is changing as many come to realise that tech and Big Data play a fundamental role in improving operational efficiencies and delivering returns in a competitive global market.

Infrastructure Investor’s first ever special report on technology will take a deep dive look at the opportunities and challenges facing infrastructure investors in this new world. Topics are set to include:

  • Innovation: The technologies primed to change infrastructure in the decade ahead.
  • Post-pandemic reality: will Covid-19 force investors to reevaluate the role of tech in their portfolios and put Infratech at the forefront of the investment agenda?
  • Sector focus: quick-fire views on how technology is evolving infrastructure sub-sectors like energy, transportation, water and telecoms.
  • Big Data: how it’s helping asset managers enhance operations and find value-add
  • Talent sourcing: what skills managers need to invest effectively in infratech
  • Risk: tech and Big data present a unique set of issues that investors and managers need to be mindful of – asset obsolescence, data security and data privacy, to name a few.  We’ll highlight the key red flags and how to mitigate them.

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