Infrastructure Investor: Strategies Report 2020

Published: 1st July

As the world struggles to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, the issue of strategy has become of crucial concern to infrastructure investors. Are labels such as core, core-plus and value-add still relevant, or would new labels be more useful – and what would those labels be? Do the labels even matter? Or, to put it another way: what is the real difference between core-plus and hybrid infrastructure?


As once opportunistic assets become seen as core, boundaries have become blurred. Infrastructure Investor’s Strategies report looks at where the lines should be drawn now and how the asset class’s rapid evolution has changed investors’ expectations.


Key topics in the Infrastructure Investor Strategies report include:

  • When is core not core? A look at how core, core-plus and value-add strategies changed over time and what they now include.
  • Beyond core: the rise of niche strategies as infrastructure investing becomes increasingly specialised. What do investors need to know about the likes of car parks, motorway services and cold storage facilities? Which other assets are gaining attention?
  • Emerging markets: a look beyond the usual jurisdictions.
  • Why direct investors have propelled an increased focus on the mid-market.
  • A look beyond funds: from club strategies to platforms.
  • Mid-Market: where do the opportunities lie?
  • Sector specific versus generalist funds
  • Greenfield

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