Invest Europe eases EU-wide data collection

The industry body has started to roll out its single database for EU private equity data collection, which will negate the requirement for firms to submit data across different industry platforms.

Industry body Invest Europe has started to roll out its European Data Cooperative (EDC) to its members, a single database for European private equity data collection.

The database, which the association has been developing for four years, pools the knowledge of all of Europe’s national private equity associations, such as the BVCA, AFIC and BVK and should negate the requirement for firms to submit separate data to each association.

“A key advantage for these associations’ members is that they will no longer need to submit data through separate platforms,” Dörte Höppner, Invest Europe’s chief executive told sister publication pfm.

Invest Europe is asking members to submit activity data, including investment, divestment and fundraising data, which will be followed by performance and economic impact data that will be comparable across regions.

The standardised methodology will support the creation of pan-European statistics on fundraising and investment activity.

“For the first time we will have consistent data for our industry across Europe,” said Höppner. “Once we have rolled all this out over the next year or two, we will invite our colleagues from around the world to add to this database. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have consistent worldwide data for private equity, venture capital and infrastructure funds?”

The EDC is set up to be jointly owned and operated by all the EU associations that are part of Invest Europe’s network.

With figures on investment activity and performance, it will be an essential tool that not only validates private equity’s financial credentials but also displays its benefits at a human level, former Invest Europe chairman Anne Glover said in a blog post about the EDC in 2014.

The industry body has published two data-led reports this year which show an increase in private equity investment in Europe. Its 2015 European Private Equity Activity report indicates that private equity investment into European companies increased by 14 percent to €47.4 billion in 2015.

In addition, the association’s Central and Eastern European Private Equity Statistics 2015 report shows that private equity and venture capital investment in this region increased 25 percent year-on-year to €1.6 billion last year, its highest amount since 2009.