Israel cancels road tender

The build, design and maintain project was cancelled following a ruling by the country’s supreme court. It will be re-launched once the plan for the road is approved again.

The Israel National Roads Company has cancelled a tender for Road 551 in the country’s HaSharon region.

The project involved designing, building and maintaining an 8-kilometre road joining two other roads in the region, road 4 and road 6, providing landscaping and building parallel roads along both sides for agricultural use.

The tender was cancelled following a verdict by the country’s supreme court, which returned the plan to the approval administration process.

When the plan is approved again, the Israel National Roads Company plans to conduct a new tender, subject to budget constraints.

A spokeswoman for the company declined to provide a cost estimate for the project.

Israel does not yet have a private finance initiative-type law in effect so its road tenders are primarily structured as projects for their design, building and maintenance.