LA mayor to lead task force pushing for infra bill

Eric Garcetti was picked to represent the US Conference of Mayors’ at Infrastructure Week in Washington DC.

The mayor of Los Angeles will lead a task force aimed at working with the Trump administration and Congress on an infrastructure package.

Eric Garcetti was appointed chairman of the task force, which will represent the US Conference of Mayors at next week’s Infrastructure Week events in Washington DC.

“The path to economic prosperity runs through our investments in America’s infrastructure,” Garcetti said. “That means upgrading our roads and rail systems, modernising our airports and ports of entry to better compete on the global stage, strengthening our water systems and creating partnerships in telecommunications to better connect our communities.”

Since the campaign, US President Donald Trump has promised legislation spurring $1 trillion in infrastructure spending. The conference met with Trump a month after the election to discuss infrastructure, asking the president to preserve municipal bonds and to include direct funding to cities as part of an infrastructure plan. The mayors later met with Vice-President Mike Pence and officials including Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

While Chao has predicted an infrastructure bill could be released sometime this month, other reports suggest such a plan may be held until 2018.