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    • Methodology 


      Infrastructure Investor's team of researchers, journalists, event producers and analysts, based in London, New York and Hong Kong, are in constant contact with investors and fund managers across the world.  


      Our unique market access means LPs and GPs take our calls and answer our questions. So our investor and fund data is constantly maintained and kept fresh.   


      This is how we work.  


      Our investor and manager profiles are updated all day, every day. We constantly monitor multiple news sources and regulatory filings and our team are quick to ensure that the news that breaks is reflected in our profiles. We also have close links with investors and know when investment minutes and quarterly reports are coming out so we're quick to update our records when investors announce shifts in allocations and new commitments.   


      Interviews, insight and analysis from Infrastructure Investor's journalists are delivered alongside the raw facts and figures meaning than you get the full picture on LPs and GPs. We are not offering a static database.   


      Our researchers are also on hand to conduct bespoke research requests and respond to client queries. So, if you're outside an LP's office and need a profile updated quickly, you can give us a call and we'll respond straight away from one of our three offices.    


      We appreciate that not all institutions are the same so we have different frequency levels for different firms. For example, the larger institutional investors are updated every four months and all other LPs at least once a year (on top of when news breaks and when a client asks for an update).  


      GPs with funds in market are spoken to throughout their fundraising effort and we run annual surveys for the largest managers in the world to ensure that those profiles are up to date.  


      As contact details are essential, we run regular checks to ensure that the right names and contact details are profiled online.