October 2009 Issue

    Month: October
    Year: 2009

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    After the shakeout

    A year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the credit crisis is still casting a long shadow over the financial world, and infrastructure is no exception. However, according to the four European investment specialists who came to Infrastructure Investor’s inaugural fund manager roundtable in September, the brutal change that has occurred is fundamentally a good thing: the crunch was the crisis the industry needed, and the survivors now have the chance to make investments that are better thought through, better aligned and better financed. To find out what it will take to deliver on this opportunity, Philip Borel and Chris Josselyn sat in on the discussion.

    Land and roads

    For investors in infrastructure, India is one of the most intriguing locations of all. Last month, we spent time in the country’s capital to sample the mood and spend time with local industry leaders. We learned about the crucial topic of land acquisition – and we also met an important official.

    Throw out the fixers, but not the entire industry

    Blackstone boss Steve Schwarzman’s to the SEC in September made for interesting reading. In it he argued that Blackstone as we know it today would not exist had it not been for the smart advice of placement agents helping it to raise money. After the firm’s inception in 1985, Schwarzman and his partner Pete Peterson […]

    Colombia and beyond

    Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management has scooped up $1.2bn for infrastructure investment in the Americas.