April 2010 Issue

    Month: April
    Year: 2010

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    The joys of independence

    One day late in 2005, Alinda’s Chris Beale turned down an offer to take his firm in-house at a big private equity firm. Five years – and $7bn of raised capital – later, he has no qualms about his choice. But there’s more to the Alinda story than this, Cezary Podkul finds.

    Cash flow

    How Citadel Capital is using the River Nile to challenge the traditional dominance of trucks in Egypt’s goods transportation industry. By Andy Thomson.

    Grounded, or ready for take-off?

    What are prospects like for investment in airports in the current market climate? Greg Maclean of AMP Capital examines the evidence.

    Make way for Blackstone

    February this year marked a much-awaited milestone in the fundraising market for infrastructure: the first of three big private equity firms with funds in the market finally held an initial close on its fundraising effort. By Cezary Podkul

    Standing up to the storm

    How three infrastructure investment specialists fought the fiercest of fundraising headwinds - and lived to tell the tale. By Bruno Alves, Cezary Podkul and Andy Thomson

    The leap of faith

    Prior to the collapse of Lehman Brothers, infrastructure was generating a buzz in the investment community and capital was flowing into funds. Following the period of investor introspection that followed, infrastructure is once more back on the agenda. But in a greatly changed world, LP commitments demand courage. By Andy Thomson

    What pensions want

    Dutch pension fund manager APG administers some €240bn of pension assets, including those of the world’s third-largest pension fund, ABP. After the latter’s recent announcement that it would boost its infrastructure allocation over the next three years, Bruno Alves caught up with APG’s Robbert Coomans to hear what the fund manager expects from the nascent asset class.

    What happens when disaster strikes

    Chile’s recent earthquake was the worst in the country in the last 50 years. With a significant part of its infrastructure in the hands of private sector firms, Bruno Alves investigates how concessionaires and their assets are fairing in the aftermath

    Toll roads: Risky business

    With many business plans having ended up badly awry on traffic volumes and GDP forecasts, should toll roads still be considered core infrastructure?

    A tale of two pensions

    The birthing pains of infrastructure continue, as evidenced by two recent sets of documents disclosed by Californian pensions

    Build America Bonds

    To the rescue

    A boost for bonds

    The European Investment Bank wants to re-start the European infrastructure bond market that disappeared with the collapse of the monolines

    Problems with my partner

    Public-private partnerships continue to spread globally as governments look to the private sector to help deliver their infrastructure needs. But the urgent requirement for assistance should not blind anyone to continuing difficulties with the model

    Letter from Paris: Coming of age

    A visit to a stalwart of the private equity world finds it about to flex its infrastructure muscles. Toby Mitchenall reports

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    The 9.03 am from Beijing: all stops to London

    A new high-speed rail service linking China with the UK is planned within a decade

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    A speech with a serious purpose – but a less serious beginning

    A different KKR

    Cricket takes priority over private equity on the sub-continent

    Alinda’s secret sauce

    Website glitch or secret code? We may never know the truth