October 2010 Issue

    Month: October
    Year: 2010

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    Most-read news stories from InfrastructureInvestor.com over the past month:

    1. KKR, South Korean pension team up in US pipeline deal The private equity firm and South Korea's $270bn National Pension Service have acquired the 23.44% stake in Colonial Pipeline being sold by energy giant Chevron. KKR indicated Colonial might be a good fit for its infrastructure portfolio. 2. Infrastructure fundraising recovers A total of $5.9bn […]

    Bargains to be had

    It’s time to reach for the cheque-book as prices settle back to pre-Crisis levels

    Hard-earned cash

    DIF’s second infrastructure fund took two years to raise, but the crisis has provided it with good investment opportunities

    Take-off for India’s latest capital-raising scheme

    The Indian government has permitted the issue of tax-free infrastructure bonds by institutions classified as Infrastructure Finance Companies by India’s central bank. Spriha Srivastava assesses the likely impact

    A matter of trust

    Investors in one of Henderson’s infrastructure funds are threatening litigation over mismanagement, while Henderson denies legal liability. Bruno Alves reports on the fallout

    Not your average PPP investor

    Citadel Capital seeks to bring the value-creating instincts of a private equity firm to infrastructure projects. Bruno Alves finds out how

    Why pensions must take a leap of faith

    If infrastructure is to take the place it deserves in investment portfolios, pensions and their advisers need to think a little outside the box

    Coping with crisis

    Two years after Ed Rendell’s bold plan to lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike for $12.8bn fell apart, the state again finds itself in a transportation funding crisis. But out of the ashes of that deal may come a bright future for PPPs in the Keystone State, finds Cezary Podkul.

    Marathon man of mystery

    The groundbreaking Marathon of Marathons on October 31 is the private equity and infrastructure communities’ largest-ever fundraising effort. This time, Bjorn Tremmerie will be running under his own name

    Old rules, new problems

    With interest growing in the use of PPPs in California, it is becoming apparent that debt restrictions written into the state’s constitution have potentially serious consequences for participants in projects based on availability payments. Warren Lilien and Ursula Hyman of law firm Latham & Watkins explain why.

    When deals CAN NOT wait

    Sharply worded emails may not be the best way to win supporters

    Why defence of Dover could put bidders in deep water

    The management team of the Port of Dover, Northern Europe’s busiest ferry terminal, are seeking a voluntary privatisation that may involve financial backing from overseas. This prospect has resulted in staunch local opposition

    Stability just a few feet below

    How to access genuinely stable income in today’s fraught investing environment? Jeffrey E. Fulmer of Tortoise Capital Advisors explains why energy master limited partnerships, with their core oil and gas pipeline assets, demand consideration

    Are we serious about public-private partnerships in the US?

    Mary E. Peters, former US Secretary of Transportation, argues that the US needs to grow up fast in terms of its PPP efforts if it is not to lose competitiveness in the global market. In this excusive article for Infrastructure Investor, she explains what needs to happen

    Highlighting the hot-spots

    Where in the world have groundbreaking regulatory initiatives recently been introduced? Take a look at our map below

    Sending mixed signals

    Regulators have a major impact on infrastructure investment – in ways both good and bad. Bruno Alves and Andy Thomson explore six of today’s most important regulatory issues and determine whether they will make infrastructure investors hit the brake or the accelerator

    Core values

    Matthias Burghardt, head of infrastructure at AXA Private Equity, explains why names can be deceptive – and reveals the conclusions he has reached on the thorny subject of fund economics. By Cezary Podkul and Andy Thomson

    Taxes and tears

    Public parking auctions are all the rage in the US these days. Cezary Podkul examines the key drivers behind the deals.

    A road without bumps

    Beset by under-performance, some Australian toll road projects have found themselves the subject of intense scrutiny this year. Reviewing the life cycle of Sydney’s M4 is a reminder that such projects can be a great success as well. By Matthew McPhee

    Lessons from Pittsburgh

    Like Chicago before it, Pittsburgh has given other cities plenty to consider in crafting their parking deals, writes Cezary Podkul.