Dead serious in Krakow

We’ve seen public-private partnerships (PPPs) being touted for pretty much everything and, even though we’re fully sold on such versatility, we were still stunned when Krakow, Poland’s second-largest city, unveiled plans for a new private sector-backed…graveyard.

According to English-language Polish news website Poland AM, a consortium comprising two Polish firms and an Italian company (none of them yet named) are set to pick up part of the tab for Krakow’s PLN24 million (€5.8 million; $8.3 million) cemetery.

The new plot will have room for some 9,000 graves and take up nine hectares of land, Poland AM reports. Some details appear to be missing, however. For example: how will the private partner be paid? Will it be exposed to, how shall we put it, ‘traffic risk’? Or will the city provide a fixed annual payment in exchange for making the ‘assets’ available in good condition?