The ghost of Henry VIII

What do Anne Lambert – a nail technician – and Nicholas Green – a lawyer for Herbert Smith – have in common? At first glance they seem to be worlds apart, but the link is that both have made surprising references to English king Henry VIII.

Lambert, according to the Daily Mail, had a brush with the controversial monarch (who died in 1547) when she stayed at a Tudor mansion in 2008 – and took a snap to prove it. Sharing her first name with two of Henry VIII’s wives, she was understandably scared. “I didn’t stop around, he might have chopped my head off!” she exclaimed.

Green, on the other hand, wore a haunted look in court when appealing on behalf of airports operator BAA against the UK Competition Commission’s decision to force the company to sell some of its UK airports.

According to Spain’s Expansion, he claimed that: “The forced sale of these airports is probably the biggest expropriation in the UK since the Anglican Reform”. This was when Henry VIII notoriously expropriated the Catholic Church’s assets.

Infrastructure Investor is still trying to obtain pictures from the court hearing to see if the English monarch was again sighted. But in the meantime, we’d caution Mr. Green: after all, lawyers need to use their heads.