A bird’s-eye view

Power-tripping elite take note: Forbes-ranked billionaire and First Reserve Corporation founder William Macaulay has a decidedly egalitarian hobby that even the most ardent tree-hugger would be hard-pressed to find fault with.

Macaulay is an unabashed birdwatcher whose Macaulay Library (at Cornell University) is dedicated to documenting the winged creature. In fact, Macaulay was even once the proud winner of an Audubon Society award for a photograph he snapped catching a juvenile Pel’s fishing owl, a rare species native to Africa.

And for a birdwatcher as dedicated as Macaulay, being the head of a $20 billion energy investment firm has a definite upside, allowing him to travel the globe in search of birds as well as investment opportunities. “I like bird-watching. It’s quiet,” Macaulay has said.

Forget the Robb Report subscription. Anyone looking to do business with First Reserve can get on Macaulay’s good side by talking up their love for National Geographic.