May 2012 Issue

    Stability in the face of complexity

    How are corporate trust services professionals adapting to changing market conditions? Will Marder of Deutsche Bank explains.

    The technology imperative

    In the face of increasing regulatory pressures and investor demands, fund managers must ensure that their reporting and communication technology is up to scratch. David Miller of eFront explores the key issues.

    The importance of trust

    As project finance transactions become more complex, it falls to corporate trust service providers to keep things running smoothly. Andy Thomson explores how they are being forced to adapt to changing market conditions.

    Staying on track

    Thanks to strong pipelines in road PPPs and renewable energy deals, the Benelux infrastructure market is in reasonable shape. But worries persist over the availability and terms of bank finance. Lyndon Driver reports.

    Why banking is still big business

    It’s easy to be sceptical about the role of banking in infrastructure these days. Too easy, according to ING’s Michael Dinham, who tells Andy Thomson that – contrary to popular belief – lenders have much to play for

    If it ain’t broke, grow it meticulously

    Alain Rauscher and Mark Crosbie take Bruno Alves inside Antin Infrastructure’s high-performance machine, talk about the importance of having a sizeable team and explain why Fund II won’t be a radical departure from Antin’s first venture

    Japanese duo make their mark

    SMB and Mitsubishi UFJ have further advanced on the strong showings they made in the mandated lead arranger tables in 2011, but no-one has usurped the dominance of BBVA.

    AIFM: Round two

    Issues around ‘third country’ rules and the role of depositories continue to haunt fund managers as the EU Commission marches to its own beat on follow-up rulemaking.

    When partners fall out

    The open warfare at French water company SAUR offers a cautionary tale on the paralysis that ensues in companies when shareholder interests are not aligned.

    Swooping into Brazil

    ACS is preparing to exit Abertis just as the developer seals a landmark deal with OHL.

    Edinburgh – the new Gatwick?

    Global Infrastructure Partners has attracted praise for operational improvements at Gatwick Airport. Now it needs to repeat the trick.

    A broke city with no recourse

    Harrisburg rejected a parking concession. Then it rejected a lease of its waste incinerator. Now in state-placed receivership, the city has lost its freedom of choice.

    SNC’s developing drama

    SNC-Lavalin is limping through the year with a damaged reputation and a sinking stock price. Alleged corruption and mismanagement are at the centre of its worsening crisis.

    What is infrastructure?

    The answer isn’t as easy as you might think. A research document from Partners Group aids understanding by avoiding generalisations.

    Project finance? Far from boring

    A contributor to a banking blog made the claim that project finance is actually far more interesting than investment banking.

    Edinburgh, the low-cost airport

    There was a lot of talk about the premium paid by Global Infrastructure Partners for Edinburgh Airport. The Press Association must have wondered why.

    Meet the (infrastructure) candidate: Bill de Blasio

    He may be unconventional – and unlikely to win – but one NYC mayoral hopeful may attract a few votes from the infra constituency.