December / January 2012 Issue

    Month: December
    Year: 2012

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    Full speed ahead for the RAB route

    The RAC Foundation’s Stephen Glaister CBE makes the case for road regulation, backed by a new income stream.

    Adjust your expectations

    Fitch has become the first of the three ratings agencies to give Turkey an investment grade rating. But investors looking at the country’s infrastructure opportunities need to fortify themselves for the long haul, writes Bruno Alves.

    Unconventional, but promising

    Dart Energy’s John McGoldrick examines the development of Chinese unconventional gas projects from the perspective of a foreign E&P company, and discusses some of the opportunities that are open to international investors.

    Putting a value on early-stage infrastructure

    Uncertainty around infrastructure programmes presents challenges to those involving in valuing nascent projects. Susan Blower of BDO examines the issues.

    Will 2013 be the year of US parking PPPs?

    In 2012, US higher education and municipal officials took a big step forward in recognising that - done correctly – public-private partnerships can stretch public resources by teaming with private investment to improve social infrastructure, including public parking. By Rick West.

    A new generation of investment

    With high premiums being paid for UK transmission and distribution assets, will infrastructure investors now look more carefully at generation? Simon Monk of IPA Energy + Water Economics explores the regulatory backdrop.

    Rebirth and vindication

    Parking has undergone resurgence in the US in 2012. Chris Glynn reports on how a once-maligned sector has had its credibility restored.

    Triumph of execution

    As the head of a firm that has just raised the largest fund the infrastructure asset class has ever seen, GIP’s Adebayo Ogunlesi has reaped the benefits of delivering on a strategy that countered many prevailing notions when it was first devised. Philip Borel caught up with Ogunlesi to reflect on the firm’s progress to date

    ‘In a better place’

    Europe still has its issues. But, as Andy Thomson discovered in a wide-ranging conversation with seven asset class professionals, confidence in a more stable outlook is growing

    ‘Use it or lose it’

    The EIB’s project bond initiative could fail to launch in 2014 if its pilot phase turns out to be unsuccessful, with the bank fearful that sponsors and procurement authorities will fail to take advantage of the scheme. Bruno Alves reports

    ‘Bank-to-pension’ funding puzzle – solved?

    The N33 DBFM contract will get 70% of its debt via an inflation-linked loan from Dutch pension provider APG. Bruno Alves explores the significance

    Harder to swallow

    Tensions are flaring between members of government and the water industry over alleged tax dodging and corporate misbehaviour

    Henderson versus LPs: the verdict

    London’s High Court told the 22 investors looking to press charges against the Henderson PFI Secondary Fund II that they will have to forfeit their limited liability status if they wish to proceed with legal action.

    Clearing the debris

    Hurricane Sandy has revived both climate change and infrastructure as relevant to the national discussion. Through innovation, the private sector can seize the moment and bolster the asset class

    Catalan scandal engulfs Spanish constructors

    Leaked documents have put the spotlight on allegations of a kickbacks scheme involving Catalonia’s ruling party and several Spanish construction companies.

    The perils of Brussels tussles

    European infrastructure investors may well be hoping the UK fails to get its way in the battle over the EU budget

    Parsa: the Mo Farah of the NHS

    The boss of a private sector company seeking a hospital turn-around is drawing inspiration from a legendary athlete