The mystery of the disappearing report

It could be the title of one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s celebrated Sherlock Holmes adventures, and we certainly wish we could employ the brilliant sleuth to help us solve the mystery of the disappearing Deloitte report.
The piece of research in question is called “Norwegian gas infrastructure is an attractive investment opportunity in volatile global markets”, authored by partner Morten Monster and manager Kenneth Fossoy, of the firm’s Norwegian branch, and published on November 4, 2011.
The report had high praise for Gassled – Norway’s gas transportation monopoly – going as far as to describe it as “a high yielding, long-term safe concession-based placement for institutional investors [with a] risk profile [that] can best be described as a Norwegian government bond”.
Of course, all of this was before the Norwegian government announced earlier this year it was considering cutting tariffs for future gas transportation contracts by 90 percent. Since then – arguably much like the attractiveness of the Norwegian gas investment opportunity – the Deloitte report appears to have vanished from the internet (where it was once available to all and sundry).
Taking into account that the internet is not always fully functioning, we contacted Deloitte’s Norwegian press office to try and get hold of said report. A press officer from the firm was able to furnish us with a PDF via email, but not a link. He also asked us not to publish the report, referring to it as “outdated”.
Outdated – much like the attractiveness of regulated Norwegian gas infrastructure, then.