Train kept a-rollin'

“London Bridge is falling down/Zombie tourists flock into town/Japanese banker taking digital pix/A drunk’s mad laugh looking for a fix.”
Well, Bob Dylan it isn’t. But still, how many government ministers do you know that moonlight as lead singers in rock n’ roll bands that actually get to release a single?
In case you’re wondering, the above lyrics come from Piccadilly Circus, the debut single from The Reform Club, a band fronted by none other than UK Junior Transport Minister Norman Baker, a Liberal Democrat (you didn’t actually think a Conservative would front a rock n’ roll band, did you?).
Unfortunately, the notoriously tough British media didn’t take kindly to the junior minister’s pop efforts, with The Telegraph calling it “banal, obvious and utterly pedestrian […]a log jam of mediocre rubbish”. Ouch!
Now, we’re pretty much tone deaf at Infrastructure Investor anyway, but we are concerned about Piccadilly Circus because another UK newspaper – the Guardian – released an investigation reporting that the fewer than one in four of the government’s hundreds of national infrastructure projects in the road, rail and energy sectors will get completed by the end of the current legislature.
According to the newspaper, only three major road projects have begun construction in this legislature and national policy statements on spending for roads, rail and aviation are all overdue. 
Now we are all for extra-curricular activities, but as our parents used to say: “You have to finish your homework first.”