India told: Three ‘Ps’ are not enough

Just when everyone thought India was a budding public-private partnership (PPP) market, the country may be preparing to pull out altogether. At least that’s what may happen if Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi gets his way –  as he has proposed ditching the PPP in favour of the PPPP. 
Modi wants to stress that the “common man” should be recognised by the model – hence, his desire to add an extra “p” for “people” to the beginning of the acronym. If this notion spreads globally, we should prepare ourselves to make reference to PPPPs – except, of course, in North America, where the “P3” will presumably be replaced by the “P4”. 
Some might be tempted to think ‘why stop at four’? Adding “productive”, for example, would invite us to contemplate the prospect of a PPPPP or P5. But now we’re getting silly.