A singular deal, regulatory danger and a wake-up call

For our second edition of “The month in polls”, we went to our readers with a broad range of subjects throughout the month of June.

Considering the fever for core infrastructure assets shows no sign of abating, we asked readers what they thought the biggest risk in infrastructure was nowadays and sure enough, a majority found regulatory risk to be the number one risk for the asset class – a finding that should give would-be buyers some pause when they next go out shopping.

Next we polled readers on Meridiam Infrastructure’s recent University of Hertfordshire deal, which saw a consortium led by the French fund manager fund the project with a long-term, index-linked unwrapped bond, finally convincing institutional investors to take on much maligned construction risk. As happy as readers were with the deal, though, most believe it will prove to be the exception rather than the norm.

And lastly, we tapped you on that perennial favourite, emerging markets, and whether you thought they were going to be the next big thing. To which you answered they were not going to be the next big thing simply because they have already arrived. It’s time to wake up and fill your boots!