November 2013 Issue

    Month: November
    Year: 2013

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    PPP round-up

    Taking a look at the key public-private partnership developments from around the world over the last month.

    Regulators must offer ‘stronger support’

    Diloshini Seneviratne of CalSTRS says there is a large weight of capital poised to invest in infrastructure, but political uncertainty is having a negative impact.

    All is not what it seems

    Think you know the infrastructure investing world pretty well? Think again.

    Avoiding the crush

    Large sovereign wealth funds and direct investors have been muscling into the big-ticket core infrastructure space. London-based fund manager Infracapital would rather leave them to it, finds Andy Thomson.

    A new option on the menu

    Eager to diversify away from more mature asset classes, fund of funds managers are increasingly looking at infrastructure. What will their role entail in a younger market? Matthieu Favas reports.

    Diamonds in the rough

    The Indian infrastructure sector has been through tough times, but Aditya Aggarwal of IDFC Alternatives explains why this presents some compelling opportunities.

    Debt funds: The road ahead

    Has India found a means to facilitate low-cost, long-term funding for infrastructure project finance? Suneet Maheshwari of L&T Infra Finance investigates.

    Here come the ‘green shoots’

    Suneet Maheshwari of L&T Infra foresees renewed developer interest as brighter signs emerge for the Indian economy.

    Why the Chinese are heading down under

    Australian supply is being met by Chinese demand, according to John Farrant and Mofei Xiong of VA Associates.

    Cracking the code in China

    Ronin Zong of Wikborg Rein and Peter Jackson of Lockton Insurance take a look at some of the key issues facing businesses investing in Chinese infrastructure projects.

    Why opportunism may be wrong

    The perception that anything is possible in Asian emerging markets is beginning to manifest itself in the opportunistic investment strategies of some managers. David Russell and Lance Comes of Equis Funds Group question whether this is a sensible approach.

    A lasting vision

    Delay after delay has not made things easy for infrastructure development in the Philippines, but investors and government are far from giving up. It just may require a little humility, Michelle Phillips reports.

    Where next for Indian infrastructure?

    By focusing on China, are investors missing a track when it comes to India? Anoop Seth of AMP Capital investigates.

    Going mainstream

    Asia has benefitted from the investor shift to emerging markets, but challenges remain. Siddharth Poddar reports.

    When governments turn against you

    How do investors protect themselves against unpredictable state behaviour? Many are turning to political risk insurance, maintain Elizabeth Stephens and Ed Nicholson of JLT.

    Turning off the tap

    The EU Solvency II directive threatens an unintended consequence: it could kill off a potential capital stream for infrastructure investment in Europe. Chris Glynn reports.

    What are investors afraid of?

    While there are a number of regulatory risks to pick and choose from, only one appears to be an overriding concern, finds Kalliope Gourntis.

    IFM rebrands, targets Japan

    The A$48bn Melbourne-based fund manager has renamed itself just prior to opening a new Tokyo office.

    UK’s Labour party proposes energy intervention

    Opposition leader Ed Miliband thinks government should stop charges going too high.

    The power of attraction

    Infrastructure Investor’s second Energy Summit brought together industry experts from a cross-section of the market. Kalliope Gourntis discovered what attracts institutional investors to energy and energy infrastructure.

    Europe builds momentum

    The region reclaimed its position as the most prolific deal market in the third quarter, a period that also saw the transport sector – significantly behind energy in Q2 – speed towards recovery.

    Time to consider the REIT

    David Schulte of CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust explains how a real estate model can be applied to energy infrastructure.

    Social stigma

    The Long Beach Court Building is the lone US PPP in social infrastructure. Expect it to stay that way unless there’s a rethink.

    Salient partners

    Sovereigns are becoming a growing force in infrastructure markets. Incumbent GPs should engage with the trend rather than fight it, writes Matthieu Favas.

    Safety at sea for PPPs

    The OFTO regime for under-sea cable investment has shown the government can give investors what they want.

    Finishing with a flourish

    A sprint to the line enabled Team PEI’s half-marathon fundraising effort to reach more than £27,000.

    A price to be paid

    One way or another, Texan toll dodgers will pay – either in cash or bad publicity.

    When common sense tumbled down the Hill…

    A default was narrowly averted, but the US shut-down damaged the country’s economy, credibility - and infrastructure.