When it rains it pours…

Then suddenly there was a drought, with all three events being cancelled within days of each other. The first was postponed due to a natural disaster that required the senior-level government officials slated to speak at the conference to stay put and address the problem.

The second cancellation came in via an “uninvite” since the organisers of the event hadn’t really intended to invite members of the press in the first place.

So far not so good, but still we were not inclined to read anything more into this turn of events. Until the third cancellation arrived and we were reminded of the saying “all bad things come in threes”. After booking a flight for this event, one of our journalists reached out to Orrick, the law firm organising the panel discussion on infrastructure restructuring, to confirm attendance.

The response was unexpected: “Due to scheduling conflicts of a few panellists, we have postponed the event for a later date that has not yet been determined.” The good news is our reporter didn’t have to fly all the way to DC to find out.

Ah well. We found other ways of keeping busy – but if a fourth event cancellation comes along any time soon, we may start to wonder whether our interest in them is some kind of jinx.