March 2014 Issue

    Taking stock

    Creating a robust P3 market in the US has proven neither easy nor a sure bet, but until now Virginia has been a shining example. Kalliope Gourntis reports

    Emerging from the shade of solar

    Environment-related investing is not all about solar, wind and other renewable energies. The likes of grids, electricity interconnections and energy efficiency are now also grabbing attention. Andy Thomson finds out why

    Renewables move into the mainstream

    Investors need to get acquainted with the rapid changes taking place in Europe’s power markets, maintains Erich Becker of Zouk Capital

    No lack of choice

    Infrastructure debt professionals say that institutions are stepping up to the long-term financing plate and that borrowers have a wide range of options. As a consequence, they are not so sure that non-market solutions deserve their place. Andy Thomson moderated a discussion of key themes in London.

    A roadmap for investment

    Institutions cannot be expected to meet infrastructure’s financing requirements without more information being made available about infrastructure assets and how they are likely to perform. Frederic Blanc-Brude presents his solution to the ‘knowledge gap’

    PPP round-up

    We take a look at the key public-private partnership developments from around the world over the last month.

    How Pennsylvania is building bridges

    Despite some false starts and fairly new enabling legislation, Pennsylvania’s transportation P3 market seems to be making significant strides. Kalliope Gourntis reports

    One big problem, three acts

    Bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress for several bills targeting the same issue underscores the severity of the state of infrastructure in the US. Kalliope Gourntis reports.

    Star turn

    London-based fund manager Star Capital Partners is considering a change of direction in terms of how it invests capital. Chief executive officer Tony Mallin explains why in conversation with Andy Thomson

    What the numbers really mean

    As pressure builds on private investors to invest more in infrastructure, a study provides a helpful reality check on how much they can really contribute. Matthieu Favas reports.

    Terra Firma decides three heads better than one

    With the removal and replacement of a key executive, the focus is now on the firm’s debut renewable energy infrastructure fundraising effort.

    On the right road

    The re-emergence of institutional investment means that PPPs are back on the agenda for many northern European markets, especially in the transport sector. Lyndon Driver takes a look at the state of play

    Why the US needs more Skyway deals

    Governments may be missing a great opportunity to free up funds.

    The construction of myth

    Institutional investors can stop getting anxious about construction risk – there are bigger things to worry about.

    Enticing the institutions

    It will take a greater level of familiarity to make institutional investors feel at home in the infrastructure asset class, says Michael Wilkins of Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services – but the signs are good

    Building a future for girls

    The Super Bowl brought to the public’s attention a company aiming to address a gender gap in the construction industry.

    Now it’s about deal flow

    With ever more sources to tap for potential borrowers, the prospect of an infrastructure credit crunch has all but faded away. Investors tell Matthieu Favas why the lack of deals is becoming much more of a vexing problem

    Oops, I’ve spilt some concrete

    Part of the London Underground was brought to a halt by an unexpected scenario.

    The politically (in)correct use of infrastructure

    Scandal surrounded the closures of two access lanes to the George Washington Bridge, which resulted in a five-day traffic jam.