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Chile: power play

Chile has for a long time been a welcoming location for private capital investors, thanks in part to a relatively longstanding and highly regarded public-private partnership framework. It has also attracted investment into a wide range of different sectors from conventional energy to pipelines, roads and airports.

Recently, the focus has been more on renewable energy. According to Chile’s Renewable Energy Center, at the end of last year there were more than 18 gigawatts (GW) of renewable projects in operation, under construction, approved or under review – a 39 percent increase on 2012’s 11.5GW, which was itself a much higher level than seen previously.

Already at home with Chile as an investment destination, private capital providers have latched onto the latest opportunity presented by the country. “We are delighted to support its [Chile’s] push towards extending and diversifying its renewable energy footprint, and we have drawn on our deep understanding of both Latin America and the energy sector for this,” Actis senior partner, Paul Fletcher, said following his firm’s $290 million investment in Aela Energia – a wind and solar energy firm – in the summer of last year.