Selling infrastructure

On the way to grabbing the attention that infrastructure investment deserves, it’s worth looking out for the landmark moments along the way. Among them is surely the first television advertisement devoted to the subject.

During the summer months, Democrat Congressman John Delaney – who devised the Partnership to Build America Act – ran a 60-second ad to highlight his plan to increase infrastructure investment in the US by reforming the international tax code.

A statement from Delaney’s office says the “distinctive whiteboard-style sixty-second spot” – which ran on major media outlets – was paid for by personal funds that Delaney donated to his campaign. At the time of going to press, the ad could still be viewed at

“Real solutions are out there, but we’ve got to be willing to change lanes and embrace new bipartisan approaches,” said Delaney in the statement. “Infrastructure, jobs and growth: it’s time to get it done.”

Delaney introduced the Partnership to Build America Act (HR 2084) in Congress last year. It has 35 Republican and 32 Democratic co-sponsors in the House; and 7 Republican, 6 Democratic and 1 independent co-sponsors in the Senate.

His plans involve companies bringing money back to the US which is currently sitting overseas at a low tax rate. This money will then be invested in low interest bonds to fund a $50 billion infrastructure effort which can be leveraged to create $750 billion of infrastructure financing.

Delaney is the only former chief executive officer of a publicly-traded company in Congress. He also now has another claim to fame – as one of the infrastructure investment world’s leading TV personalities.