February 2015 Issue

    Month: February
    Year: 2015

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    Why investors prefer ports in an economic storm

    Fierce competition can be seen for ports as – rightly or wrongly – they are viewed as a relatively safe bet. Florence Chong explores their attractions as well as the risks

    Still rock and roll

    While hard to replicate, the Eversholt deal proves that infrastructure investments are not always only about yield. Matthieu Favas reports.

    Arriving at the platform

    Swissgrid has become portfolio company number one for an accumulator of Swiss pension capital.

    Powering up

    Financial close has been reached on a new power plant that will help Ghana address its energy problems.

    Emerging baskets

    Fast-growing economies no longer form a coherent category. That should help rather than deter prospective investors.

    LNG fuels Australian dominance

    Australia and the US claimed a number of the leading infrastructure projects in 2014, while Japanese banks maintained a grip on lending. By Andy Thomson.

    Mexico has nothing to fear

    While the decline of oil prices has set off alarm bells for investors in various parts of the world, industry insiders explain why Mexico remains an attractive destination.

    Hitting new heights

    Boosted by the $12.6bn Global Strategic Investment Alliance, the infrastructure asset class raised almost $50bn last year. Andy Thomson reports.

    Nothing new

    The UK continues to see trading of infrastructure assets and is a highly regarded market – but, at the primary level, there is little for investors to get excited about.

    Snap happy

    The winner of an inaugural infrastructure photography competition has been revealed.

    Unwelcome intruders

    They can cost as little as £35, but airports are worried that a high price may eventually be paid for the drone craze.

    There for the taking

    London and the south-east of England can attract greater investment by working as one to provide global investors with attractive opportunities, write Matt Hallissey and Tom Venables of AECOM

    On the move

    Difficulties remain, but Indonesia has been taking some notable steps towards creating a more investor-friendly environment.

    Hunting for sector trends

    In ADIA’s first-ever published interview about infrastructure, global infrastructure head John McCarthy sheds light on the organisation’s approach and priorities

    Where deals are plentiful

    DIF took its European track record to Canada in search of portfolio diversification. Andy Thomson catches up with Wim Blaasse and Paul Huebener to hear about progress

    Energy in the DNA

    With approximately $4bn raised since 2008, it is evident that First Reserve’s energy infrastructure group is healthy and growing. Mark Florian, who has led that effort, talks to Kalliope Gourntis about how the original concept has played out

    Heeding the warnings

    Infrastructure operators and investors are waking up to the dangers posed by hacking. Stephen Wares and Martin Bennett of Marsh look at the history of cyber threats and today’s defence mechanisms

    Keeping the lights on

    With cyber attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, FERC chairman Cheryl LaFleur explains how her agency remains vigilant. Kalliope Gourntis reports

    More exciting than you’d think

    You’ll often hear that infrastructure is a boring asset class, but the role of technology as a driver of investment can be easily underestimated. Andy Thomson finds out more