Boldly going where no pipeline has gone before

With the parched landscape of California bearing testament to the US state’s fourth consecutive year of drought, help may be at hand from an unlikely source.

As the fictional character Captain Kirk in Star Trek, the enormously popular and long-running science fiction franchise, actor William Shatner was well acquainted with the challenge of saving civilisation.

Now, he has plans to raise more than $30 billion to fund a new pipeline that would carry drinking water to California from his native Canada.

Shatner, now 84 years old, is proposing to name the pipeline the Spock Waterway after his friend, the late Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in Star Trek. The pipeline would be four feet in diameter and would run alongside the Interstate 5 highway to the Mexican border.

Shatner had originally planned to transport water from rainy Seattle but met with resistance to the idea from state officials, prompting him to look further north for a possible solution.

A source in Los Angeles told the UK’s Sunday Times: “Bill is not a details man but his vision is true. There are no engineering reasons against it – but many political and financial fences.”

Sounds like a siren call to infrastructure investors from where we’re sitting. Who’s tempted to boldly go and schedule a meeting to discuss?