Game for anything

The need for infrastructure investors to become more tech-savvy is indisputable – if you’re still in any doubt, we suggest you flick through to Mathias Burghardt of Ardian’s feature on the topic in this month’s issue.

But for those more comfortable with infrastructure’s steady-as-you-go reputation, how to adapt to this brave new world? Well perhaps you could do worse than invest in a copy of “Infra”, the video game (see

Dragging infrastructure kicking and screaming into the very modern-day world of the gamer, “Infra” (out in October, apparently) puts you “into the shoes of a structural analyst. Nothing more than a quiet desk jockey assigned to survey some routine structural damage”. This level of plodding normality sound about right?

Prepare yourself for a shock. In the words of “Finnish game designer Oskari Samiola, inspired by the dire predictions of collapsing bridges and pockmarked roads in the documentary Crumbling America decided to dramatize the issue with a first-person shooter-style game that pits the protagonist, an engineer, against the disintegrating fictional city of Stalburg. The game descriptions suggests that, while players are equipped with just a flashlight and camera, things get pretty serious.”

Pretty serious indeed. It just goes to show that no longer does the description of infrastructure as “boring” warrant even the smallest chuckle of recognition. Infra is a matter of life and death and very here and now. Better get with the programme.