November 2015 Issue

    Month: November
    Year: 2015

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    Pipe dreams

    Investors in a Norwegian asset lost the court case they brought when tariffs were cut. They may be surprised by the outcome – but others are more inclined to see it as predictable.

    At the cutting edge

    As SUSI Partners gears up to launch what will probably be one of the world’s first energy storage funds, Bruno Alves catches up with chief executive Tobias Reichmuth on what it takes to build a family of energy transition-dedicated products.

    Brainstorm in a teacup

    The UK’s new infrastructure commission sounds like a great idea. But it remains too early to tell how much it will change the game.

    Making strides

    Australia’s Macquarie continues to dominate the II 30, but North American firms are making a strong showing, accounting for more than half of the $181bn raised. Kalliope Gourntis reports

    New dawn – or false dawn?

    With the announcement of the new National Infrastructure Commission, it appears to be full steam ahead for UK infrastructure. But investors will remain sceptical until promise is replaced by delivery, says Dominic Church of Westminster Advisers

    Poll position

    Five months after the general election gave the UK’s Conservative party an unexpected majority, investors are striving to second-guess what it means for infrastructure projects. Industry pundits tell Matthieu Favas why one of the world’s most mature markets is likely to retain its shine

    It’s not about the money

    Or at least it shouldn’t be when comparing compensation packages at public pension funds with those in the private sector

    Streaming ahead

    The Georgian Co-investment Fund is striving to entice international investors to its home market by making a splash in hydropower. Matthieu Favas zooms in on the vehicle’s structure and strategy

    Shaking the foundations

    The Indian government is taking steps to lure investment to meet the country’s huge infrastructure needs. But there are plenty of challenges to overcome, as Alexander Johnson of Control Risks explains

    It’s literally ancient history

    The operator of the Port of Piraeus may need to embrace the future and let go of the past

    Papal equity

    Even US infrastructure may be forgiven its sins

    Moving into thirst gear

    Flooded roads may be a thing of the past if the concrete that likes a drink is widely adopted

    They might have been giants

    Art meets infrastructure in Iceland thanks to human-shaped electricity pylons

    Down but not out

    The macro-economic environment has been tough for emerging markets over the last year. It’s time for optimists to remind themselves of the long-term nature of infrastructure investing – and that market falls should in theory be followed by recoveries. Andy Thomson reports

    An emerging paradigm

    The end of a commodity supercycle, China’s slowing growth and currency devaluation, and the US Federal Reserve rate have some investors thinking twice about making new emerging market investments, but demand for commitments remains strong. Chase Collum reports

    Lucky star

    Beset by a challenging business climate, the Indian infrastructure market continues to punch below its weight. Could the renewables sector pull the country out of the shade? Matthieu Favas reports

    US legislation: More than a drop in the bucket?

    With the country’s water infrastructure thirsty for funding, anything that facilitates investment in the sector is a welcome development. But does WRRDA go far enough? Kalliope Gourntis reports

    Back with a vengeance

    After a few years of economic and regulatory turmoil, Southern European infrastructure markets are on the up again. Have investors been too quick to forgive? Matthieu Favas reports

    Connecting the dots

    Multiple initiatives have been devised to boost investment into European infrastructure. Tomas Gardfors of Norton Rose Fulbright maintains that, to be successful, a more integrated approach is required

    Why hydro should make a bigger splash

    Research shows only a small number of institutional investors have exposure to hydropower. Oldrik Verloop of Aquila Capital explains why the sector deserves a closer look