September 2016 Issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2016

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    When geopolitical shocks strike

    Peter Hobbs, Guy Hopgood, Dharmy Rai and Niels Bodenheim, of financial services firm bfinance, draw on Brexit to highlight how the asset class fares when high volatility hits

    Embracing digital disruption

    Head of infrastructure Mathias Burghardt uses Ardian’s Indigo car park business to make a case for active asset management and the increasing importance of technology to generating sustainable returns

    Wind of change

    Jeffrey Altman, Hans Poser and Felix ab Egg, of consultancy Finadvice, take Bruno Alves on a whirlwind tour of the global power markets and draw lessons from Europe’s rapid renewables buildup

    Unlisted fund returns: what do we really know?

    Simon and Jessica Wilde, in the second of a series of articles, find that unlisted returns, when put in context, are not always as good as they are cracked up to be

    Coming into its own

    As listed infrastructure continues to evolve and mature, two leading professionals explain why it’s deserving of investors’ attention and money

    Preparing for the post-Brexit era

    Manish Gupta, partner and head of infrastructure corporate finance at EY, outlines what government needs to do to maintain its market-leading position

    The big picture for private capital

    Whether you invest in infra, PE or real estate, Brexit is a game changer. We gathered four industry veterans to discuss their initial reactions to the vote, as well as the longer-term risks and opportunities arising from it. Philip Borel, Bruno Alves and Andy Thomson were there

    Back to school

    Legal & General is contributing $100m to fund the $1.34bn expansion of the University of California, Merced’s campus in its debut US deal, writes Bruno Alves

    Taiwan: Asia’s next renewables hotspot?

    A late 2015 land reform has paved the way for a boom in solar installations, with Partners Group and Cathay Life Insurance among the first to get on board, writes Nia Tam

    Disrupting the disruptors –Elon Musk’s new masterplan

    The Tesla chief has big plans for the future of solar power and transportation – infra investors should take heed of some of the potential changes around the corner

    Bombs away

    Two World War II legacy explosives had to be detonated to clear the way for the UK’s Rampion offshore wind farm

    Keep calm and carry on driving

    Is China’s ‘straddling bus’ project, combining a bus-and-rail concept, a glimpse into the future of public transportation?

    Actis is open for business in Latin America

    Friendly regulatory frameworks across the continent have paved the way for Actis to focus its emerging markets funds on energy investments, particularly renewables, says partner Michael Harrington.

    Reforming the power sector

    Much-needed reforms are creating electricity transmission opportunities and fixing bankrupt distribution companies. That’s net positive for the Indian power generation sector, finds Nia Tam.

    The right timing

    QIC has found a way to enter Australia’s renewables market with a de-risked strategy by joining forces with one of the country’s oldest energy developers. Jordan Stutts reports

    Brazil’s murky waters

    The country may have failed to clean up its water sector in time for the 2016 Olympics, but in a way that helps highlight the opportunity for foreign investors. Kalliope Gourntis reports

    The final word

    After three years covering the US infrastructure market, our Senior Reporter takes stock of the progress made and lessons learned in her last Western Front

    Business as unusual

    As the dust settles after Turkey’s failed coup, infrastructure investors seem to stand among the most protected. But Matthieu Favas finds not every asset is equal in the face of political turmoil.

    Finding the right solutions

    With about €8bn deployed, the Netherlands’ APG is a top-tier infrastructure investor. Europe head Ron Boots takes Matthieu Favas through an 11-year journey of tailored solutions to achieve the kind of scale that befits one of the world’s largest pension funds