Typo of the year

At Infrastructure Investor, we don’t like to shed too much light on the nitty gritty of the magazine’s production process. After all, as most of you can imagine, early drafts are prone to embarrassing typos and all sorts of less than ideal situations. But every once in a while, something happens that we can’t afford to pass up and not share with our readers.
Such was the case during the writing of our keynote interview with Brookfield’s infrastructure group (p. 24), where one of the interviewees was managing director Justin Beber – or as an early draft of the piece put it, managing director Justin Bieber.

So how did we manage to confuse Brookfield’s Beber with the ‘Sorry’ hitmaker Bieber? We didn’t – but a starstruck word processor, clearly groomed on a diet of the singer’s hits, did. In the software’s defence, both Beber and Bieber are Canadians. Fortunately, we humans caught up to this mishap fairly quickly.

But this accident got us thinking: it’s true that Brookfield, having just attracted $14 billion for its third fund, is not short of money; but it’s also true that young Bieber is worth around $200 million, with an annual earning power in the $60 million range. Maybe there’s scope for an honorary ticket in Brookfield’s next fund? We know Brookfield’s unlisted funds are normally reserved for institutional investors. But as Bieber sang… ‘Never say never’.