February 2017 Issue

    Month: February
    Year: 2017

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    Why the multilateral model needs a reboot

    Multilaterals and DFIs would have more success in plugging infrastructure gaps if they shifted focus from lending to risk mitigation

    Value-add: a costly luxury, or the best way to invest?

    Funds by EQT and Antin are generating net IRRs in the region of 20%, showing that approaching infra with an entrepreneurial mind is not necessarily the same as taking on unnecessary risk

    ‘We look forward to working with you’

    Secretary of Transportation nominee Elaine Chao hinted in her Senate confirmation hearing that the private sector will have a key role to play in financing US infrastructure, writes Jordan Stutts

    The sun is rising on solar

    Australia’s renewable energy sector has shown signs of improvement, but has yet to truly pick up steam. A turn towards solar power could be the key, reports Andrew Vitelli

    Procurement goes digital

    The G20’s Global Infrastructure Hub has launched an online procurement service that could change the way investors find opportunities, writes Jordan Stutts

    Harnessing the power of data

    Hastings Funds Management outlines how its 20-plus years of infrastructure management have helped it build one of the largest proprietary data sources in the industry

    Building an all-weather portfolio

    Kurt Lemke, director of portfolio construction and research at Hastings Funds Management, explains what it takes to build a portfolio that is resilient to volatile macroeconomic conditions

    No worries?

    In keeping with its pedigree as a privatisation pioneer, Australia has in recent years captured the world’s attention thanks to a multi-billion dollar asset divestment programme. Should investors be concerned about changing political winds, though? Matthieu Favas reports

    The market makers

    As Antin turns 10, Alain Rauscher and Mark Crosbie tell Bruno Alves about their landmark third fundraise, their perpetual IR strategy, the manager’s problem-solving culture, and why they see it as their job to spot opportunities others wouldn’t even regard as infrastructure

    Rodents of mass destruction

    There could be a greater threat to infrastructure than cyber warfare: furry squirrels

    Evolving greenfields

    Australia counts a solid pipeline of large-scale, complex PPP projects. Notwithstanding some political risk, transport and healthcare are set to benefit in 2017. Nia Tam reports

    A tale of two deals

    Australia’s ports sector proved its staying power in 2016 with the successful conclusion of two mega-deals. Kalliope Gourntis takes a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the acquisition of Asciano and the privatisation of the Port of Melbourne

    Top guns

    We take a look at GIP III, EQT III, and Brookfield’s flagship BIP III to find out how top-tier managers are structuring their vehicles. Bruno Alves reports

    The placement agent view

    Bruno Alves asks three leading figures at Campbell Lutyens, DC Placement Advisors and First Avenue to list what they see as the most promising trends in the infrastructure market

    A safe pair of hands

    Just seven years after being established, Dalmore Capital was involved in one of the UK’s largest ever infrastructure deals. Chief executive Michael Ryan charts the rise

    More, please

    Institutional investors with a long-term view are finding it harder to increase their exposure to infrastructure. Matthieu Favas speaks to LPs to understand how they go about selecting the funds they back

    Spotlight: Catalyst Private Equity

    After one of the Middle East's only dedicated renewable energy funds reached a first close last year, catalyst PE managing director Ennis Rimawi spoke to Zak Bentley about its plans for investment in the region.

    A shining beacon in Uganda

    The Soroti Solar Facility is celebrated as a successful way to quickly develop renewables in Africa. But investors wonder whether it can be replicated, finds Jordan Stutts