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Cash Cow?

Bovine road blockages are nothing new, but the UK’s Bell Ingram Design is grabbing the bull by the horns in solving the problem. The cow flyover, a livestock overpass developed in partnership with the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland, now allows cars or pedestrians to travel unimpeded while cattle cross overhead. 

Visitors to the Royal Highland Show have regularly been held up in the past, when the main pedestrian walkway was periodically shut down to allow cattle to pass to the show ring. But last year, Bell Ingram’s overpass permitted cows and cattle enthusiasts to cross simultaneously, with no one getting trampled. 

“This commission was all about creating a better visitor experience for the thousands of people who attend the Royal Highland Show,” explains Iain Cram, the director of the team of architects at Bell Ingram which designed the overpass. “The feedback from the 2016 show is that the flyover was a tremendous success.” 

In March, the cow flyover was shortlisted for a RICS Award in Scotland’s Infrastructure category. While the award ceremony will be held later this month, the nearly 200,000 visitors to the Royal Highland Show are already winners.
“Fewer hold-ups meant there was more time to enjoy our celebration of the best in farming, food and rural life,” says RHASS head of operation Mark Currie.