Who’d like a carbon-neutral martini?

The only thing that sounds better than sipping on a martini in the Italian countryside, juicy olive and all, is knowing the popular cocktail does not have a carbon footprint. If your recipe calls for zero air pollutants, Martini, part of the Bacardi line of alcoholic beverages, has you covered.

Martini recently announced that its largest production facility in Pessione, just outside Turin, Italy, generates almost all its power from a nearby hydroelectric facility. Whether you like yours wet or dry, hopefully you agree the best ingredient is always the one that helps the environment.

With this good spirit in mind, let’s recognise others in the booze industry doing their part for the planet.

In 2013, Heineken’s John Smith’s Brewery installed 4,000 solar panels at its facility in the UK in a bid to reduce its production emissions by 40 percent by 2020. A Yuengling brewery in Pennsylvania uses a combined heat and power generator to make its suds. And quite impressively, the Alaskan Brewing Company counts a carbon reclamation system, a steam boiler and an advanced filter press that reduces water use as part of its secret recipe.

There is no word about whether clean production helps with hangover headaches, but it at least clears the air for the rest of the world.