July / August 2017 Issue

    Month: July
    Year: 2017

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    The enemy within

    With fund managers in possession of huge amounts of data and sensitive information, tackling the sharp rise in global cyber-crime has become a priority. Zak Bentley finds out how to defend against the increasing threat of attack

    Still on top

    After a once-in-a-generation string of successful privatisations, one might wonder if Australia’s infrastructure pipeline is running dry. Not so, say the six industry insiders we spoke to recently in Sydney. Kalliope Gourntis reports

    Keep on moving

    Since 2012, AllianzGI has played a pioneering role in building infrastructure debt into a fully fledged asset class. Barely a year after becoming head of alternatives, Deborah Zurkow, together with colleagues Adrian Jones and Martin Ewald, sits down with Matthieu Favas to reflect on how the firm seeks to maintain its first-mover advantage

    Empowering urban communities

    Our cities are increasingly challenged to accommodate rapid urbanisation and its impacts on land, resource use, city design and infrastructure quality. District energy systems are helping to solve these modern infrastructure problems, writes Greg Smith

    New enrolment

    Facing tight budgets, American universities are turning to the private sector to fund needed campus revamps. Both sides are now searching for an agreeable framework, writes Jordan Stutts

    That elusive allocation target

    LPs are having ever more difficulties filling their infrastructure bucket. Does that spell trouble for the industry?

    Restricting LPs’ freedom of movement

    Not having negotiated subscription lines themselves, investors may be unaware of terms that could block sales of their interests


    Luxembourg’s financial and social infrastructure could be pushed to its limits as fund managers pour in post-Brexit, finds Claire Wilson

    Domicile dominance

    Experience, expertise and AIFMD have helped ensure Luxembourg’s pre-eminence among European fund destinations, but for how long? David Turner reports

    Trump’s atavistic decision

    Investors should not plough their money into stranded assets that will openly endanger the rest of their portfolios, despite President Trump pulling the US out of 2015’s Paris agreement

    Liquidity therapy

    In the face of expensive hedging, Joaquim Levy, CFO of the World Bank, explains how the organisation is ready to provide liquidity facilities to help investors better absorb the currency shocks that come with emerging market investments

    Can the US import asset recycling?

    With the Trump administration looking to spark a $1trn infrastructure boom by tapping the private sector, Andrew Vitelli finds it looking for inspiration from the land Down Under