The curious case of the missing staff

President Trump has seen his fair share of staff leave the White House in recent months, so perhaps he might like to lend a hand to his friends in the UK government.

Its Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – responsible for implementing large parts of the country’s £500 billion infrastructure pipeline – has been left dumbfounded after seeing between 30 and 50 members of staff leave the department each month since it was reformed just over a year ago. That may be troubling enough but unlike in President Trump’s case, it has no idea why they are going either.

“There is no reliable data to inform us of the reasons they are leaving, where they are going to or of any underlying patterns that may indicate issues within the organisation,” according to a tender document issued to try to solve the problem.

Put simply, about 600 people have left the department recently and the government is unable to provide an explanation. It’s an issue BEIS wants to solve fast seeing as it wants to grow the 3,000-strong staff by 10 percent as it prepares to leave the EU. Otherwise, at this rate it risks becoming the Department of Lacking Energy and Any Strategy.