April 2019 issue

    Period of slow price discovery comes to an end

    Prices have increased steadily over the last decade, but EDHECinfra’s Frédéric Blanc-Brude and Sarah Tame argue ‘peak infra’ might actually have occurred two years ago.

    Nine takeaways from our Global Summit

    From 18-21 March, around 3,000 industry professionals descended on the Hilton Berlin for our annual infrastructure conference. Here’s what we learned

    Investors hit pause as Indian elections loom

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is perceived as a reformer that helped lure foreign capital into India's infrastructure sector, but experts believe the market will remain attractive even if the incumbent PM suffers an electoral defeat.

    Top infra trends for 2019

    Declan O’Brien and Alex Leung of UBS Asset Management’s infrastructure research and strategy division argue that the asset class will continue to be resilient in the face of market volatility

    No longer a ‘soft’ option

    ESG has erupted into the mainstream of infrastructure investing, with the ‘S’ sharply elbowing its way to centre stage.

    Danish pensions told to ‘jump’, just not ‘how high’

    No one disputes the regulator’s role in ensuring Denmark’s pension funds invest responsibly. But the lack of clarity over specific requirements isn’t helping anyone

    ‘We need fantastic examples that capture the imagination’

    GIP vice-chairman and former World Bank president Jim Yong Kim tells Bruno Alves that more creative de-risking is needed to catalyse a wave of private investment in emerging markets

    Has McGlashan poisoned the impact investment well?

    Don’t be surprised if TPG goes on to successfully raise the second Rise Fund. But the actions of its erstwhile boss may make it harder for other impact investors, PEI senior editors Toby Mitchenall and Isobel Markham find.

    Lessons from outer space

    As an astronaut at NASA, Garrett Reisman was part of a government agency taking big risks. Now a professor and senior advisor at Space X, he’s helping the private sector manage those risks.

    Small is beautiful

    American Triple I Partners CEO David Cibrian tells Jordan Stutts there is a healthy pipeline to be found in smaller US markets.

    Energy transition’s engine is in transition itself

    Once a niche, renewables investing has exploded. Anish Butani, bfinance’s private markets director, examines the risk-return spectrum and the challenges posed by ESG and the end of subsidies

    PPAs are exploding. But are they safe?

    In 2018, the volume of corporate PPAs more than doubled compared with 2017. With strong demand and many investors chasing the same buyers, what at the risks involved for all parties?

    Re-architecting society for a low-carbon world

    AVAIO Capital's Mark McComiskey on the opportunities arising from the energy transition

    Asper on how greenfield sustainable platforms are a formula for value creation

    Asper Investment Management's Luigi Pettinicchio explains why the company is focusing on platform building and early-stage development

    Energy transition: living in a merchant-power world

    As renewables projects ditch subsidies, four industry participants talk about why they prefer market risk. But all acknowledge they will need to work harder than ever, not least to convince investors they are well-equipped to handle the sector’s changing risk profile

    Energy transition: adapting to a post-incentive world

    Nicolas Rochon, founder and managing partner of RGREEN INVEST, explains how the post-incentive era has opened up new markets and changed the way his firm invests across Europe

    Energy transition: an emerging opportunity

    Barry Lynch, partner and head of operations, energy and infrastructure at Actis, discusses the future of clean energy investment across Africa, Latin America and Asia

    Hydro’s role in Europe’s energy transition

    Aquila Capital’s Dr Tor Syverud explains how one of the continent’s oldest technologies can play a vital role in a clean-energy mix

    Energy transition: the infrastructure revolution

    Can a net zero-carbon world exist as demand for energy continues to grow? InstarAGF Asset Management's Gregory Smith looks at the potential for sustainable infrastructure to deliver value for the environment, the economy and the community

    Managing investment risks in the energy transition

    David Scaysbrook, co-founder of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, argues that many investors have taken on too much risk in renewables, and explains why the US is a far more attractive market than Australia right now

    Energy transition: CONQUEST on the rise of the corporates

    Stephane Wattez-Richard of CONQUEST on how corporate demand for clean energy is reshaping investment.