December / January 2018 Issue

    Month: December
    Year: 2017

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    Record amounts of capital, record amounts of scrutiny

    As the continent’s continued political pressures meet an ever-demanding investor base, four top fund managers tell Zak Bentley how they maintain a reputation for reliable investment.

    Harder work

    With the threat of political intervention and restrictions on infrastructure investment looming, Zak Bentley meets five industry professionals who remain confident about the prospects for dealflow and fundraising in Europe’s saturated mid-market

    Exiting well

    Say what you want, but if you’re a manager of closed-ended infrastructure funds, then the proof of the pudding is in the exit. On the strength of that key metric alone, Martin Lennon and Ed Clarke, co-founders of Infracapital and our p. 14 keynote interviewees for this last issue of the year, should be very […]

    Hack attack

    No cybersecurity programme can be totally foolproof, but there are key ways to reinforce any effort and mitigate the biggest cyber-risks, writes Rob Kotecki, from sister publication Private Funds Management

    End of an era

    Following the realisation of Infracapital’s maiden fund, co-founders Ed Clarke and Martin Lennon take Zak Bentley through the process and describe what’s changed in the market since its launch

    ‘If you didn’t see that train coming, you weren’t paying attention’

    Mark Canavan, now senior portfolio manager at the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board, joined the agency just as the financial crisis was coming to a head. Canavan recalls his experience in an interview with Andrew Vitelli

    The Belt and Road’s twisting turns

    We held a Belt and Road Initiative-themed workshop at our recent Hong Kong Summit. Here are three key takeaways

    Greenfield myths

    Infracapital just closed its debut greenfield fund on £1.25bn. That it took two years to raise and one investor felt compelled to remove it from its infra bucket shows there’s still work to be done

    Evolving infrastructure innovation

    Our world will effectively be rebuilt over the next two decades, and transformative change is required in how cities are constructed, energy is generated and consumed, goods and people are transported, and how the expanding urban footprint is sustainably managed, argues Gregory J. Smith, chief executive of InstarAGF

    One Last Thing

    Windy metaphors Renewable energy and vegans have often been considered by some as traditional bedfellows, although it would appear Denmark’s energy minister is out to change that. Following his approval of the 1.4GW Viking Link Interconnector between the UK and Denmark, Lars Christian Lilleholt hailed the traditional ties between the two countries in the importing […]

    Active value creation

    Neil Krawitz and Francesco Nale, partners at European fund manager Arcus, share their views on the evolution of infrastructure strategies and how they deliver their ‘value-add’ strategy

    Roads to collaboration

    VTB Capital’s Oleg Pankratov, head of infrastructure capital and project finance, and managing director Alex Moroz look at the growth story of Russian infrastructure investment, with a focus on the potential for further external investment in transport projects

    Risky business

    The government’s recently announced National Energy Guarantee could shorten contract duration, creating a risk-return profile closer to fossil fuel merchant generation, argues Maven Libera’s Mark Gemmola

    Eastern promise

    A steady stream of deals – including a record-breaking renewables transaction – all point to the emergence of Asia as a serious investment destination. Nia Tam investigates the region’s rise to prominence

    Hack attack

    No cybersecurity programme can be totally foolproof, but there are key ways to reinforce any effort and mitigate the biggest cyber-risks, writes Rob Kotecki, from sister publication Private Funds Management

    Shades of green

    In Europe and the US, the growth of renewables, buoyed by public opinion, has shifted the energy equation. Dean Kennedy, Deutsche Bank’s London-based Global Transaction Banking product manager, and Brent Canada, the bank’s New York-based head of infrastructure and energy debt origination, share their views from both sides of the pond.

    Changing times

    Across the infrastructure sector, technological advances are changing the way managers approach their assets. Duncan Symonds, European director of asset management for IFM Investors, believes adjusting to this landscape is essential if you want to thrive and not only survive in the sector in the years to come

    The figure picture

    Big data has enabled investors to learn more about how infrastructure assets work than ever before – and they’re taking advantage of this insight in different ways, writes Jordan Stutts

    Catching the next waves

    As is customary at the end of the year, we are dusting off our crystal ball and taking a look at what trends and themes are likely to shape the asset class in the years to come.