July/August 2019 issue

    Month: July
    Year: 2019

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    A flying start for aircraft debt

    Until now, aircraft debt has largely been overlooked by investors. Aymeric Angotti, head of aircraft private debt at Ostrum AM, looks at how the strategy is attracting institutions with long-term liabilities

    Sector-specific funds have truly arrived

    Digital Colony’s $4bn debut digital infrastructure fund underlines how much money managers can raise with the right targeted strategy.

    ‘There’s been a refocus on governance in ESG’, says S&P

    The ratings agency has noticed the ‘growing trend’ of ESG-linked debt instruments as an additional variable for investors.

    What’s keeping interest in airports sky high?

    Airports remain prized assets despite soaring values. We examine why that’s unlikely to change

    Australian energy policy: what next?

    The coalition government retained power in the federal election. But the surprise result means inaction on a federal policy looks set to continue.

    The price of going direct

    Direct investing is well-suited to infrastructure. But anyone looking to pursue it will have to tackle tough questions around compensation and transparency.

    Subsidy-free transition is slowing down renewables

    For the first time in nearly two decades, growth in new capacity has stalled. We examine why and look at whether the freeze is expected to last.

    The road less travelled

    Nicola Palmer and Michael Allen of Arcus Infrastructure Partners explain how decarbonisation, demographic shifts and technology are creating new opportunities for transport infrastructure.

    Regulators and private credit fund managers need to talk

    Greater communication is needed as the asset class’s role in the stability of the financial system is questioned.

    Your guide to investing in the Nordics

    The Nordic countries are arguably Europe’s best investment opportunity but they require considerable local nous. Five industry experts examine how to navigate the region’s idiosyncrasies.