June 2019 issue

    Month: June
    Year: 2019

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    Fundraising in 2019 is off to a roaring start

    With 10 funds raising a total of $22.3 billion between January and April, 2019 is already outpacing 2018, when $18.78 billion was raised during the same period.

    Four takeaways from Japan Korea Week

    Portfolio diversification, co-investment and how to get the right returns across equity and debt were some of the most-discussed topics at our two summits, as Eduard Fernández and Daniel Kemp report

    Gulf markets need long-term debt instruments

    The region needs a long-term instrument to refinance mini-perms. But, as Victoria Mesquita Wlazlo of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius argues, its capital markets must deepen if project bonds are to be effective.

    UK needs a new of way of doing infra

    With the government missing in action this week, industry leaders were left to talk among themselves on what’s next for private finance

    Big debate: Does ESG enhance performance?

    Partners Group’s Esther Peiner and EDHECinfra’s Frédéric Blanc-Brude give their views on the impact of environmental, sustainability and governance measures on infrastructure investment

    Gateway to India

    The National Investment and Infrastructure Fund’s managing director, Sujoy Bose, explains to Eduard Fernández how the government-backed GP expects to lure investors

    Is natural gas the next big Asian opportunity?

    Countries such as India, China, Japan and South Korea are aiming to attract private capital to the midstream and downstream space. But, challenges remain in some markets.

    Asset leasing’s uncertain flight path

    Fund managers are increasingly looking to buy assets such as aircraft and home heating systems. We find out under which circumstances these investments make sense and whether asset leasing is ready to take off

    China’s deleveraging creates opportunity for foreign capital

    China’s recent efforts to reduce its economy’s addiction to debt have brought more infrastructure assets to market and slowed down domestic competition, several analysts and investors say.

    Roundtable: Listed is your best bet for core exposure

    Four industry participants tell us how last year’s volatility tested the asset class in all the right ways, highlight their advantage over generalists and explain why strategy drift is not an issue.