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Core, core-plus, opportunistic: what’s in a name?

While no one can dispute that infrastructure, as an asset class, has arrived, the labels used to segment the market – as well as the strategies they symbolise – can spark some passionate debate.

CalPERS doubles down on infra separate accounts

Real assets head Paul Mouchakkaa told the pension’s investment committee it will model its infra investment strategy after its real estate one.

FWD Group ready to ramp up infra exposure

The $24.4bn Hong Kong-based insurer will be looking for partners over the next 12 months, as it eyes investments across the capital stack.

Investors’ infra allocation desire increases by 38%

However, national infrastructure plans receive lukewarm backing, according to a joint Global Infrastructure Hub and EDHECInfra study.

JPMorgan is focusing on the bigger picture

Anton Pil, managing partner of the firm’s $130 billion global alternatives business, argues the real story in US infrastructure is not the one stealing the headlines, but rather how monetary policy could deeply impact the asset class.

The Q3 Fundraising Report 2017

The Q3 Fundraising Report takes a close look at key fundraising data from the year so far. While Q3 fundraising fell well short of last year’s record-breaking total, the diversification of opportunities amid success for first-time funds may hint at a new dawn for infra capital. View the report now to find out more.

In defence of listed infrastructure

When defined appropriately, listed infrastructure can provide access to unique total-return opportunities with diversifying characteristics.

Infra helps Angolan SWF post first-time profit

Solid growth in the fund’s infrastructure and agriculture holdings helped drive net profit of $44m.

Are LPs getting their way on fund terms?

With the possible exception of hurdle rates, LPs can count victories on management fees, carry and the growing number of bespoke structures being employed.

Taiwan’s Cathay Life to spend up to $3.3bn on solar

Singapore-based Equis is also developing Taiwan’s largest solar farm with a capacity of 70.2MW.

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